Thursday, August 27, 2009

Once upon a time, my daddy called me Pony.
As I was cleaning out my studio yesterday, I found several notes that he had written to me over the years and just seeing his handwriting gave me pause. In honor of the name that I treasure, the name my daddy gave me, I thought I would share my collection of "ponies" that I have put together over the years. Each one means something different to me and if you look closely, you will see the "polkadot" one in the back......


  1. I love this and I adore you still mad that you didn't say hello :) Anna Dustin is on a mission to make us friends..I have a feeling it won't be hard...all my very glad you started a blog will add you asap!

  2. Jennifer! cannot believe it! I was so shy at the show and my pal, Kathy Mack (Pink Chalk Studio) fell in love with you...said you are "so cool"
    How 'bout we make a date for Houston? Are you going? My mom is in Austin, so I will make it a road trip to see her, too.

  3. What a wonderful blog post, it just brought some sunshine to the rainy day today.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Magic and Joy!

  4. You and Jennifer would be good friends. You have to meet and talk. Both of you are the sweetest.

  5. now I am so excited to meet you!! but it will probably be the next one..Missouri I think that's left out of Connecticut ...xoxoxo :)

  6. I've been enjoying myself reading more of your blog today.

    I did wonder about the blog name, and now I see the polka dot one. How lovely!
    I think you need to design some polka dot pony fabric. That would be adorable!

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