Monday, January 30, 2012


I was in Las Vegas last week to go to
a Miniatures Show.
This is just one of the teeny, tiny things
that we squealed about!

We met the most delightful woman from Stuttgart.
She is the "mother lode"
It is so exciting, I can hardly contain myself.

.......more later......

Monday, January 16, 2012

from my history

In the garage at our old house I found a box tucked away in a corner that was filled with treasures from my dad and his dad.......
I was especially enchanted by these little goodies - tiny wooden shoes in two sizes, a wooden spoon with a beautiful little heart painted on it and a box painted the way I would like to paint. These are the kinds of treasures that I would like to make for future generations to find in an old box someday when they are cleaning things out of the garage.....delightful.

It was another exhausting trip to Austin, but we did make progress - packed up lots of things in boxes and loaded them into a storage unit not far away. I think that things will be easier for Mom once all of this is taken care of and she can just "be" at her new place and her full new life.
I think I'll enjoy going to Austin more when I can relax and visit again rather than always having a million things to take care of.

Monday, January 2, 2012


If you haven't seen this movie yet, or read the book - you must. It is magical and exhilarating!
The story is so complete and perfect........absolutely delightful!
.... a tribute to the early filmmaker, Georges Melies....
The book is filled with pencil illustrations, much less text than most books. But, the story in incredible and so easy to "read" in the pictures.
The movie follows the book to the "T"...... and so very well.

Hope the New Year has started well for all of you....all the best to you! xo