Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Girls!

Sue was here last week........
She flew to Austin so she could drive back to Santa Fe with me.
When we got back to Santa Fe, we had to go to the Teahouse and say HEY to Nancy!!!!
Aren't these girls cute? They have met before and were so happy to see one another.

Gotta love 'em......xo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cleaning Day

Another post today.....
This morning, I went to Trader Joe's and picked up these fantastic dahlias and lilies to give me a boost. Aren't these colors rich and luscious? .......wow.....
They must have worked, because I got right down to business!

I opened up my craft closet - OMG!!! I began to pull things out - more and more and more - it kept multiplying! These photos (above and below) show all the open boxes and bags I spread out to begin to make sense of my recent creative madness. whew!
Seriously, how many buttons does one person need? gosh, though, I sure do love them...
Maybe the best part of the day so far, though, is that I found these little earrings. For my Christmas vacation in 1984, I travelled to Europe to audition for several ballet companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. My boyfriend at the time joined me in Munich to celebrate Christmas. We stayed in a cozy, little flat with two rooms (his sister was with us, too) The landlady was charming and brought us cookies and spiced wine on Christmas Night.
We walked to the Marionplatz and stood like sardines in the most beautiful cathedral. The trees were all lit with candles and even though there were (maybe)1000's of people standing so closely together, it was the quietest, most peaceful time. The singing was angelic and the entire experience was magic.
On Christmas morning, Paul handed me a little box that he had brought from home. Inside, I found a small, metal (old) cigarette box. I opened it to find a handwritten note from my daddy. After reading it, I lifted it up to find these tiny silver armadillo earrings. Apparently, he had them made without the bands around the middle because he knew how I loved simple, silver earrings. I have wondered for years where these earrings had gotten to.
I am so happy that they have re-appeared.

Now, I want to finish up and go on to clean out EVERYTHING! Who knows what lost treasures await?


a double egg...
cracked it open and
there they were!

isn't it fun?
...and look at this cup of chai!
isn't the swirl beautiful?

hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Interesting Things

My brother, Bill, brought home these items yesterday:
two skulls -
goat, on the left and deer on the right

a roadrunner's head
(he had been hit by a car on the road)

and a little fox
his head is so beautiful,
but the rest of his body was a mess

please don't be disgusted by this - it is amazing.
Cullen is tying flies these days
and that is what the fur and feathers are for.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


On Friday, I drove up to my friend Oolie's house in Colorado Springs to spend the night.
I got there in time for dinner - perfect!
On Saturday, after a wonderful breakfast, I hopped in the car and drove up to Denver to my friend Helen's beautiful shop - Adornments.

Here are the fruits of my day of labor......
a little hard to see in this photo,
but we thought it would be nice to have
golden aspens to ring in the fall.
(and frame the beautiful clothes)

the windows from the inside looking out

I think that they are pretty effective - framing the beautiful cloths in each of the windows at the front of the shop - simple, but strong.

There is a chill in the air and it promises a beautiful fall around here....can't wait!