Friday, September 16, 2011

Interesting Things

My brother, Bill, brought home these items yesterday:
two skulls -
goat, on the left and deer on the right

a roadrunner's head
(he had been hit by a car on the road)

and a little fox
his head is so beautiful,
but the rest of his body was a mess

please don't be disgusted by this - it is amazing.
Cullen is tying flies these days
and that is what the fur and feathers are for.


  1. I'm trying really hard not to be... but I'm a little disgusted. But fascinated too. Can't wait until you're home. I need you! xo

  2. Martha Stewart LIving this month had a spread on taxidermy. it's a bit unsettling. out of my comfort zone for sure.

  3. Golly, I am not disgusted, does that make me a nasty person?? They are amazing because they don't look real as they are separated from their bodies...fascinating stuff!
    so good to talk to you on saturday, hadnt seen your email until after we had spoken....telepathy eh?

  4. I was thinking about Bill today ... did all those wildfires complicate his LCRA life?
    love you, Cuz xxxx

  5. Thanks for popping in on my blog-so nice to "meet" you. We all had a great time at Julie's class and it was so nice meeting everyone. I hope I can do it again sometime.

    By the way, these photos are beautiful. Will you bury them and dig up the skulls?


  6. Unfortunately the "heads" were taken by other creatures in the night...
    I was bummed, cause my hubby won't get to have the fur for his "flies"
    I am glad that you like the phots, though, I am so glad that I was able to take cool, hunh?

    Yes, there is no place like Briancon. Sorry Margo couldn't make it, though. That is really a shame.

    On to the next soon...