Monday, March 28, 2011


Here they are - some of the eggs that we put together yesterday.
Hope you enjoy our creative ingenuity:

Laura brought this one by this morning and I was blown away by her darling details:
blue & white polkadot ribbon around the opening and
(below) little cut-out images lining the seam -
soooooo cute! I just love it!
Here is Laura's egg in a nest with Cheryl's egg,
which I picked up last night.
I think the robin's egg blue with the tiny brown dots is perfect......
...and the little tinsel around the opening with little paper roses
is so old-fashioned.

...and a few of my eggs that I ended up working on today.
The one above is my first attempt, which I am not very pleased with.........

These, however, I like soooo much - great colors!
The next two photos are close-ups of these two in their eggs
with a little glitter added:
Last, but not least, is the little bluebird in a nest.
I attached the "bird in flight" to the top of the egg
and I think it is pretty effective....
...worth trying again.

Creative Ladies!

My Creative Group of Ladies was at my house yesterday and it was GREAT!
I "used" them as guinea pigs to help me work out the kinks for the class that I will be teaching in a couple of weeks. They rose to the occasion and made the most extraordinary EGGS!
Here is their process:

The cutting, placing, gluing, embellishing......EVERYTHING throughout the morning was FUN!

The last photo is Anika's egg - absolutely delightful! The other ladies finished theirs up later that afternoon and dropped them off for me this morning. I will show them as samples to the class and I will share them with YOU in my next post....
I think you will really enjoy seeing how everyone chose a different way to finish their egg and each is unique and special and I am a happy, HAPPY lady that the girls had so much fun and are as pleased as I am with the results!! Yay!
....and thanks to Laura, Stephanie, Anika, Cheryl, Beth - the "regulars" and Susan, who joined us yesterday for fun.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Last night, I drew and painted the "insides" for the eggs we will "fill" at the workshop I am teaching at Los Poblanos in a couple of weeks. This Sunday, I will introduce it to my Creative Group to see what they think and figure out the best way to teach the process.

This photo is the original (on top) and a color copy (on bottom)
The color of the copy really isn't too bad....and should serve the purpose just fine.....
Below is a "close-up" of the original (hmmmm, same size, really)
I am looking forward to seeing how these images work around other people's imaginations.

Monday, March 21, 2011

the window - updated!

I was at the shop today, so I took another photo - updated - so the little lamb doesn't look so lonely... HaPpY SpRiNg!

Easter EGG!!

So, last week I made a large EGG to go in the window at Doodlet's and I finally got a photo of it to share with you....

Of course, by now there is a lot more stuff in the window with it, but I wanted you to see the EGG....with the little lambie sitting inside.
Cute, hunh?
Check out to see what else I have been up to this weekend....

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Not Just for Grandmothers"

.....that is the name of our workshop series at Los Poblanos!
Here is the flier of classes through July....and more are already planned for August and the fall:
Sure would be fun to have any of you come take a class and stay at the Inn - it is fantastic!
.....and beautiful! xo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Little Vignettes

I got excited about cleaning up the "red" from Valentine's Day and pulling out some Spring colors. It was fun to pull out treasures that I haven't seen in awhile.

Happy Spring Everyone........xo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Embroidery Class

Last weekend, Oolie came down from Colorado and joined me at Los Poblanos where I taught a beginning embroidery class. Below is the piece that I did for everyone to use to "begin" and it was so cool to see how everyone approached it in a different way.

We first did a little sampler on a piece of felt to get the hang of each stitch. Everyone in the class told me that they learned so much from our little exercises and they were so ready to get started on the project.

Everybody got assorted colors of floss wrapped on these little paper spools. I just love how they look all laid out together.

Here are Oolie and Penny, working on their embroidery - BIG concentration!

Here is Penny's piece close-up.
She surprised us the next morning at breakfast with a finished product!
I think she was the only one to get it completely done.

Sweet Joy is a cross-stitch lady who had not done any other embroidery.
She was amazing in her meticulous stitches and did such a beautiful job.

This is the other side of Joy's pillow.
We all did our names on the back" of the pillow.
Joy chose lavender to illuminate her name and it is lovely.

Sarah has perfectly wonderful stitches, too.
I was so pleased for these ladies that they did such beautiful work.
We had a wonderful time laughing and talking and stitching...

After that, Oolie and I met with Nancy to lay out the next 6 months of classes.
Nancy grabbed some wine for us and toasted the day.
Oolie walked around the Inn finding some pretty special treasures.

Her we are saying good night to Nancy.
Wish you could see more of our room!
After hot bubble baths, we sat by the fire and soaked up the whole day.
So glad that Oolie made it down for this one...and my birthday!
It was a great weekend......

Monday, March 7, 2011


The other day I took my paints into Doodlet's and went a little bit silly.....

Once upon a time, I designed the logo for the shop. It has been used for lots of things, but I thought it might be nice to paint it on the cabinet under the register - so I did.
I love the colors, though it makes the entire cabinet look a little dingier than it did previously.
Maybe I''ll need to brighten it all up....
I'll take more photos of the other little tidbits that are sprinkled around the stuff.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Los Poblanos stitching

Last Saturday, I was invited to teach a beginning embroidery class to 4 ladies who were staying at the Inn. We met around 3 pm and between sips of hot chocolate and yummy biscotti, they managed to make some wonderful little birds filled with lavender from the farm.

We did some samplers of individual stitches before jumping in to the birds. The ladies did a GREAT job - very creative and imaginative and diligent. I think it was fun for everyone!

I had dyed some wool felt pieces so that there were some choices to make when it came to decorating the birds. Everyone did a beautiful job - and kept smiling throughout!

After stitching up the sides, it came time to
fill the birds with lavender.
The final products! A full nest of birds - each with its own little personality.
We had so much fun.....can't wait to do it again!
thanks Lael, Susanna, Elizabeth and Sammi
I just loved meeting and playing with you.