Friday, March 18, 2011

"Not Just for Grandmothers"

.....that is the name of our workshop series at Los Poblanos!
Here is the flier of classes through July....and more are already planned for August and the fall:
Sure would be fun to have any of you come take a class and stay at the Inn - it is fantastic!
.....and beautiful! xo


  1. This looks like fun. Will you be teaching at it? Is it in Santa Fe?

  2. Yes, I am teaching all of these classes - hmmmm, forgot to put that on the flier...sigh....
    The classes take place at Los Poblanos, the place I did the tiles for. It is a beautiful, historical place that we are trying to "introduce" to people who wish to have workshops....working on getting some great teachers down here in New Mexico. Would you come for the right class?
    Los Poblanos is in Albuquerque...well, just north, and just 20 minutes from the airport....easy to get to.
    I'll keep everyone updated on workshop possibilities.


  3. Love this flyer Jone! Anyone can sign up on our website by clicking here: