Friday, March 25, 2011


Last night, I drew and painted the "insides" for the eggs we will "fill" at the workshop I am teaching at Los Poblanos in a couple of weeks. This Sunday, I will introduce it to my Creative Group to see what they think and figure out the best way to teach the process.

This photo is the original (on top) and a color copy (on bottom)
The color of the copy really isn't too bad....and should serve the purpose just fine.....
Below is a "close-up" of the original (hmmmm, same size, really)
I am looking forward to seeing how these images work around other people's imaginations.


  1. Love your drawings Dear Jone!
    They make me happy!

  2. I LOVE the bunnies. I can see the French Country Girls in there too. I've been a huge Bunnykins fan since I was born and we had the dishes around the house so I guess I was imprinted from the get-go.

  3. ADORABLE!!!! Oh my goodness, I want to come play with you!!! I have my inks and scissors at the ready but sadly poor Miss PennyPet had a very awful operation on Thursday and our home has become Doggie Hospital, with Mr. Wonderful and I her chief nurses. Thankfully she is turning the corner so I will hopefully be back at it in a few days. Hope you are having as much fun as it looks like you are. I wish I could do some egg play with you this spring. Come and visit this summer, Jone, I promise you fun romps in the studio and bike rides and ferry trips through the islands... and art play galore. Miss your smile, hope all is as cheery as the egg kits. XOXO!