Monday, March 28, 2011


Here they are - some of the eggs that we put together yesterday.
Hope you enjoy our creative ingenuity:

Laura brought this one by this morning and I was blown away by her darling details:
blue & white polkadot ribbon around the opening and
(below) little cut-out images lining the seam -
soooooo cute! I just love it!
Here is Laura's egg in a nest with Cheryl's egg,
which I picked up last night.
I think the robin's egg blue with the tiny brown dots is perfect......
...and the little tinsel around the opening with little paper roses
is so old-fashioned.

...and a few of my eggs that I ended up working on today.
The one above is my first attempt, which I am not very pleased with.........

These, however, I like soooo much - great colors!
The next two photos are close-ups of these two in their eggs
with a little glitter added:
Last, but not least, is the little bluebird in a nest.
I attached the "bird in flight" to the top of the egg
and I think it is pretty effective....
...worth trying again.


  1. Oh my! Jone, will you please consider sharing a pdf of your beautiful images?

  2. I bet your friends enjoyed themselves. They are really cute. Loved your painted eggs too. They looked so you.
    Smiles, t

  3. The eggs are adorable,
    why can't I hang out with you, making such fun things too !?
    Love your paintings:)

  4. Hi Jone, I have found you via Sue Zipkin, small world!

    Now I am going to catch up on your blog too.

    love (Valerie Greeley). xxx