Sunday, October 6, 2013

still no photos.....

no internet in the studio.......
don't know how to get photos from my iPad
I am very frustrated.

have spent the day today clearing out 
the room the Grayson has been in.

he has moved out to the casita
for ALL of us!

hope to have photos soon.
gotta find a way to make it happen.

gorgeous weather here this weekend


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am back
...and it was fantastic.

I have to go through the photos before I post them.
but it was just the thing I needed to pull me out 
of my funk.
I was able to see myself from a new perspective.
(my friend, Oolie told me she has never seen me happier)
I learned so much about myself and how I like to work.
..and my comfort zone is much wider than I thought.

Teaching is something I really do love.
I always have some insecurity - hoping those who attend
will enjoy what I teach and see a way to 
incorporate what they learn into what they do already....
wondering how my class might compare to others they have taken.

The comments from this class were quite positive.
We played a lot and learned a little something every, single day.
It was a spectacular group of talented ladies
with strong creative spirits and GREAT ideas.
The enthusiasm was terrific and the support for one another
gave everyone an extra boost.
We never ended the day at 4 pm......
...we were always struggling to get to dinner by 7:30!

The venue is perfect.
Accommodations, FOOD, friendships,
French countryside (!)

Thanks to everyone for coming to paradise
to take my class and be a part of the magic at Briancon.

I will post photos soon.
..seems so long ago already...sigh...