Sunday, October 6, 2013

still no photos.....

no internet in the studio.......
don't know how to get photos from my iPad
I am very frustrated.

have spent the day today clearing out 
the room the Grayson has been in.

he has moved out to the casita
for ALL of us!

hope to have photos soon.
gotta find a way to make it happen.

gorgeous weather here this weekend



  1. try emailing them from your ipad to yourself . then put them on your desktop and add them to your photos. that is what i do .

  2. I am looking forward seeing your photos, Jone!

  3. Did you get my comment? it went nowhere!
    I had trouble blogging on my ipad until I was told about "blogsy".It is a free app who will have to download.
    It is what I used on my trip. You can compose your blog and then upload when you have the internet.
    Good luck

  4. Yes, I use the blogger app and it's very easy to add photos from the camera roll on your iPad. X