Wednesday, November 20, 2013

another day.....sigh....


so many photos to share...and no Internet on the computer
housing them all

I have been getting things made
for the Waldorf School Christmas Faire
It is on Dec 7th and I am FULL of ideas.

I have been painting tiny German figurines and
lots of red &white toadstools....
There are some wonderful wooden trees
that are full of patterns in multiple greens.....
and some French knot hearts..
and tiny houses, horses and little jars
filled with paper flowers.
Are you curious?
I promise to get some photos on here SOON!
In the meantime....I am thinking about you all
...hope your holidays are 
with joy and surprises and love.



  1. Oh, yes, very, very curious!! I tried to picture them in my head, but impossible!!
    A very big hug to you.

  2. Me too, I am looking forward to it, too. Very curious. Love, Ute

  3. Replies
    1. Working on it, Maria!
      Haven't had a minute to check the apps yet, but I WILL very soon........xoxoxo