Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Chapter.....


I am sooooo ready for 2014!
There is a lot to look forward to and 
so many things to put aside in the box of memories.

That is the word for this new year.
I need to find a way to make the important things
more of a priority and not waste time on the little
things that I seem to do to fill time so I feel like I 
am actually DOing something!

No more over-planning and over-committing.
My friend, Greta and I have made a vow to keep one another
on track with this....be each other's 
encouragement and "check-in" person.

Not to say that those little things are not important..
they certainly are!

a taste of fresh bread from the oven - still warm
a big hug from a dear friend
"Hello" from a stranger
an entire afternoon to sit and stitch (!)
a long chat over a cup of tea
cozy-ing up on the couch
creative days with girlfriends

so much to be grateful for....
...so much to look forward to...
...and so much love for those I adore.

Take a minute every once in awhile 
and think about a little something you can do for someone
when they least expect it.....

Happy Days ahead....

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Holiday Faire

Today was the Waldorf School's
Holiday Faire.....and it was GReAT!

It has been so cold around here...the high today was low 20's
I think it is supposed to be around 6 degrees F tonight...
Thought it might not be the best day to get out, but
the Faire was well-attended.
The snow has been beautiful - I do love winter.

Dear Alison returned from Florida last night
after being with her mother-in-law following the death
of her father-in-law a little over a week ago.
She came with me to set up this morning and stayed
most of the day to help out with sales.
Thank you, Alison!!
I think you are my Good Luck charm.
(I am glad you are home....)

The day was wonderful.
There were even two, or three (!) women
who put together little scenes of many of the pieces
I had made and then bought them all!
It was so wonderful to see people playing with the trees and toadstools,
fairies and tiny houses as I do ...
......and find a little joy with each one.

Now that the Faire is over, I PROMISE to get the app
necessary to post photos of all of these goodies on my iPad.
Can't wait any longer to share them with you.

Big Hugs all 'round!
...and Happy Holidays Week One...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

another day.....sigh....


so many photos to share...and no Internet on the computer
housing them all

I have been getting things made
for the Waldorf School Christmas Faire
It is on Dec 7th and I am FULL of ideas.

I have been painting tiny German figurines and
lots of red &white toadstools....
There are some wonderful wooden trees
that are full of patterns in multiple greens.....
and some French knot hearts..
and tiny houses, horses and little jars
filled with paper flowers.
Are you curious?
I promise to get some photos on here SOON!
In the meantime....I am thinking about you all
...hope your holidays are 
with joy and surprises and love.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

still no photos.....

no internet in the studio.......
don't know how to get photos from my iPad
I am very frustrated.

have spent the day today clearing out 
the room the Grayson has been in.

he has moved out to the casita
for ALL of us!

hope to have photos soon.
gotta find a way to make it happen.

gorgeous weather here this weekend


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am back
...and it was fantastic.

I have to go through the photos before I post them.
but it was just the thing I needed to pull me out 
of my funk.
I was able to see myself from a new perspective.
(my friend, Oolie told me she has never seen me happier)
I learned so much about myself and how I like to work.
..and my comfort zone is much wider than I thought.

Teaching is something I really do love.
I always have some insecurity - hoping those who attend
will enjoy what I teach and see a way to 
incorporate what they learn into what they do already....
wondering how my class might compare to others they have taken.

The comments from this class were quite positive.
We played a lot and learned a little something every, single day.
It was a spectacular group of talented ladies
with strong creative spirits and GREAT ideas.
The enthusiasm was terrific and the support for one another
gave everyone an extra boost.
We never ended the day at 4 pm......
...we were always struggling to get to dinner by 7:30!

The venue is perfect.
Accommodations, FOOD, friendships,
French countryside (!)

Thanks to everyone for coming to paradise
to take my class and be a part of the magic at Briancon.

I will post photos soon.
..seems so long ago already...sigh...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


My son Grayson and two of his friends 
made these heads to go to a ComiCon

 They took the train from Santa Fe to Albuquerque
and when they got to the Convention Center,
they were greeted like Rock Stars!
sooooooo cool..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

guest room re-do

The last couple of weeks I have been 
One thing I did was move most of my 
to a glass shelf in the "new" guest room:

Since Grayson moved into the "old" guest room, 
the new one has twin beds and will be FUN to
dress and re-dress seasonally.
Lots of art on the walls and sunshine...

Claim your space, visitors!

Monday, July 8, 2013

cut-out faces

I have been cutting paper like a mad woman!
Thought I'd share a few of the characters:

I am practicing for the course in France.
It is so interesting seeing how each one turns out.
a bit odd, but fun

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just found these little dolls that I made 
the first year I went to Briancon

I really like them - a LOT
 front (above) and back (below)
Maybe it is time to make a few more of these lovelies.

I have been in the studio for days!
I am getting some work done, but my hand is tired.
Wonder if sewing would make it feel any better?

Hope everyone is doing well.....

Monday, May 27, 2013


Grayson is on his way back from a weekend in 
California with his cousins.

Posing in the front yard:
Grayson (the BIG one )
with Cece on his back 
and Haiden in the tuxedo (!)

I know they had a GREAT time!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

french knots

Last week, my brother and I drove a BIG truck filled to the brim 
with the contents of the last storage unit of my mom's things from Austin to Santa Fe.
They are in my garage.
Two days later (Friday) our son Grayson hopped in the truck 
to accompany my brother to LA to help empty the rest of the things.

On the first leg, I spent many hours stitching these little french knots:

It is a 12 hour trip in a car (!) but took us closer to 14 hours.
We were happy to get home and John decided to take an extra day
to enjoy a little of Santa Fe while he had the chance....
...and recouperate before getting on the road again.

Grayson flies home on Monday.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy MOTHERS' Day

This is a wish for all you MOTHERS out there
for a happy day today.
Above is one of my mom's paintings from years ago.
I think it is absolutely beautiful -
filled with forget-me-nots

This is a tribute to my mom (below)
with me (age 2?) sitting with her discussing books.
I have always loved this photo of us.

Thanks Mom, for being who you are and allowing me
 to be who I am... from a very young age.
I bet I was a challenge and I am SURE I gave you grief
from time to time.
As a mom now, I appreciate you even more than ever.

Hope your day is lovely and filled with happy memories.
See you on Saturday morning....

Thursday, May 9, 2013


These are part of my latest collection of fabric:


They are still unfinished .....sigh...... but I am working on them every, single day.
It has been a BEAR!

click HERE to see the other four designs

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


so, last weekend I painted 20 bunches of lavender
They are on metal that my pal, Jodi cut out.

They look so good all together, drying in the sun.
I don't have a photo of the ones with the twine
tied around the stems as if they were real bunches.
.... even better .....

Lavender will be blooming soon around here...
and all summer long.
I can't wait!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Track Star

Last Saturday, Grayson was in a track meet in Albuquerque.
Here he is getting into place:
 taking off:
 sailing over the bar:
a shot from the other side:

this was his first year to do track & field
he did the High Jump (highest 5'6") and the Long Jump
and he ran the 100 mtr and 200 mtr

not bad for a "newbie"
sure was fun to watch him go.....
I'll miss that.....

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


here is a group of the inchie initials that 
I have been working on for our Pantry Violets project
It has been two years plus and we are almost

I can hardly wait to see what they look like completed.
I know that everyone has done something
for each "inch square"

For a few individual initials 
click HERE


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goodies Going Out

I have been putting together some small things to go to someone 
to see if they would like to reproduce them......

Here are a few close-up "introductions":
The bunnies are quite small
1 1/2 inches tall...
They are FIMO that I painted after they were baked.
I can't imagine how I did that!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

little houses in a row

...sat down and made a few.....
 ... and then painted a few "teensie" laser-cut eggs (!)
...and aren't the rooftops sooooo cool?
I really like 'em.
Think I'll make a few more.....

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

My kitchen table last night....
 .....getting ready for the bunny(s) to come..

Hope your Easter is beautiful and yummy!
It is sunny here...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

don't you LOVE when you imagine something 
and once you attempt creating it, it actually ends up
looking like what you imagined? (!!!)
 I adore this tiny landscape 
(approx. 1"x 2")

....and this is a special one, too.....

I am having SOOOo much fun with this!
To see a few more (I have almost finished 10 of them)
just click HERE

It is snowing here today.
Hope you are having a lovely day, too.

Friday, March 8, 2013

a MOUSE in the HOUSE

One day I walked into the studio and found....

Poor sweet thing was scared to death 
....and hardly moved!

 I fell in love with this tiny creature.
So delicate and "perfect"

I am glad it waited in the sink for me
to retrieve my camera 
to document our chance meeting.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

stitched heart

This heart turned out just as I envisioned:
 I think the colors are good......
 ...and the stitches are fun....
.. and it feels REALLY good in my hand.

I filled it with lavender (what else?)
There are still a couple of stitches I'd like to add...
but it is not a bad "first attempt"

For more "stitching" click here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


....that is what it was this past weekend

Barb and Trudy knitting

Sarah sorting photos

Kathie and me ready to EAT!

It was an amazing weekend with moms from school.
We all have been on the PA forever and really enjoy one another.
We had such a great time that we have TWO MORE planned already!!

...more photos tomorrow...