Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy MOTHERS' Day

This is a wish for all you MOTHERS out there
for a happy day today.
Above is one of my mom's paintings from years ago.
I think it is absolutely beautiful -
filled with forget-me-nots

This is a tribute to my mom (below)
with me (age 2?) sitting with her discussing books.
I have always loved this photo of us.

Thanks Mom, for being who you are and allowing me
 to be who I am... from a very young age.
I bet I was a challenge and I am SURE I gave you grief
from time to time.
As a mom now, I appreciate you even more than ever.

Hope your day is lovely and filled with happy memories.
See you on Saturday morning....


  1. Wow, I can now see where you got your enormous font of talent. You are blessed to still have your mama, and I am so glad of your amazing gift with your art. Love your sense of style and I can see hints of you in your mom's painting... or maybe it's hints of your mother in you.

  2. Your mum looks so trendy in that picture and you look like one of your delightful characters! I love that artwork, it is so clever and "on trend".
    How lovely that you share so much.

  3. Jone, such a great photo of you and your mother!
    Hope eveything is well and that you are getting prepared for all the lovely adventures that are waiting for us this summer<3