Thursday, December 27, 2012

a new day

Here are the dogs

After losing Kipper in June, we got lucky in November.
Jack, our 95 lb lab is on the left.
Tess, our new ridgeback, on the right.

Timing is everything.

Love to all.

paper clay

gosh... I love paper clay!

I made these trees a few weeks ago
for Christmas
 They ended up being the only things I made.

I did finish them...
though most of them stayed on my mantel 
along with toadstools..

... and birds

Hope your Christmas was MERRY all 'round
Ours was quiet.. and snowy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

just a little "hello"

I keep wishing for a little more time....
This season does seem to get the best of me,
but the stress - whew!

Thought the banner on this birdcage
was appropriate:


It is my wish for all of you -
this season and into the new year.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


so many things to show you....
it has been a very long time since I posted anything

I'll start with these Tooth Fairies
that I made for my nieces, 
who seem to be losing teeth everyday!
they are just about 3" tall 
and the pocket holds the teeth

Here is one of the fun things that I painted 
(with my friend Betsy)
for the Monster Bash at my son's school
It is a Bean Bag Toss!
I like how the teeth make it more of a challenge,
don't you?
the little guy's mouth got cut out later
to be another hole to throw in...

And...... Quilt Market in Houston.
My BUGS debuted and
will be available in January, I think.

FUN quilt pattern, isn't it?

and I LOVE this bag!

... and this little guy has bugs on his shirt
and i think it is darling!
much more to come....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Official!

I have been invited to teach in France next summer! Les Soeurs Anglaises (aka Briancon)
August 13 thru 19, 2013

I am so excited and will have more
news about it very soon.

Until then, please click here
for the link to the website.


(sorry, still no photos...)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

prose, no photos

It is Sunday, September 9th. I am in my studio. It is a magnificently beautiful day today - nice and cool, clear blue sky...... and I just realized that I need to buy more space with Picasa so I can post photos on this blog!
hmmmmmmmm....... upkeep drives me nuts.

I am in the process of cleaning up and throwing out unnecessary things. It feels good, but completely overwhelming! I feel like I just want to make things! And I really NEED to make things today so that I can deliver them for sale.

I have missed blogging the last week, or so. Later on, I will retrieve my "carte de credite" and add some space so I can show off some of the latest.

Hope everyone is happy today - slept well and all that.
Look for posts with pictures soon!


Saturday, September 1, 2012


 This is the staircase in Oolie's hotel in Paris.
We decided to leave Angouleme early so we could 
stroll through Paris before leaving the country.
We dropped our bags at the hotel and took off
(Becky was not feeling 100%, but was a trooper)

BTW, that's Oolie racing down the stairs

Just outside the hotel is this FAB facade of tilework.

Becky wanted a photo of this guys outfit
(blue, on the right)

 Bon Marche
(above) the escalators
(below) pillows designed by Alexander Girard
and made by my friend, Susan's company in ABQ!

a "Forbidden Photo" of luscious sweets

the Metro station just outside Bon Marche

Becky and Oolie in the park

On a mission to Rue de Princesse to find...
Nadine Delphine!

and Sophie Digard!
inspiring and amazing...

It was a fantastic trip, all in all.
We missed everyone, but found life pretty easy
with just 4 opinions!

Looking forward to next year, for sure!

Monday, August 27, 2012

...that afternoon.....

Before taking Di to the airport in Bergerac,
we took turns taking photos of US together.
 Di, Oolie and Becky
 me, Di and Becky
 me, Oolie and Becky
click here for the other one....

 Oolie found this little "fastenater" (sp??!)
in Paris and Becky thought Oolie's pose was FAB!

We drove to the airport and there was a little drizzle going on. 
It was raining when we got there, but Di got all checked in
and then we three sat down for a quick coffee before
Di got on the plane and we hopped back in the car.
THIS is what we came home to.....
 so incredibly luscious

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Di's Last Day

On Sunday morning, we awoke and went down to Verteillac for the Market, which is now just once a month. There was a threat of rain, but it made things even more exciting and we did a little bit of snooping around and bought a few goodies before the skies opened up and we hopped back in the car and toodled home.

 a box filled with good stuff
though it was more interesting from afar...
..... not so great up close.

 Becky's new hat that was MADE for her!
Isn't it great with what she had on?
...and there is Katie in the background
on her own search for something fab.

 Becky's haul, with Oolie's little tin teaset
(see here for some close-ups)
Honestly, though, the blue & white polkadots

Di found a book that I almost tucked into my pocket before she packed it up.
The illustrations are so simple and absolutely delightful.
I did snap a few photos, though, before she hid it from me (ha!)
Oolie wants to stitch them on something....
...but I just want to LOOK at them!

They are just what I would like for my own drawings to look like.
I will need to study them and practice and adopt the style
that is so inviting and full of charm.

More later...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SAT....4 August, 2012

 A smiling, sunny Becky with a table full of great inspiration!

 On Friday, we went to visit Billie and Dean Spille..
and on Saturday, I drove myself (only got a little lost)
back over to visit with them.
THIS is what I drove through to get there
 Truly, the sunflowers are even taller than they are at home
Maybe it is just the fact that the fields are enormous.
Driving along and seeing patches of yellow...
...and realizing that it is the 12' tall sunflowers ..

 I love the big "snail" rolls of hay, too.
We watched the farmer next to Briancon drive his machines
around the fields, picking up the hay and rolling it up...
..then spitting it out the back end!
Noisy, but sooooo cool to watch.

 Here is Dean in front of their charming home
in Lusignac, not far from Briancon.
 I really enjoyed spending some time with Billie and Dean.
They are wonderful and talented and I feel quite close.
American ex-patriots in France who have made such a lovely life.
Click here for a show of Billie's work

Katie and Mike came for drinks in the evening.
We sat out and chatted and then Mike had to get back
to the Olympics down at the Maison Maitre.
 I wove a nest for Katie from lavender....
 ..and we all four did some stitching on a linen piece
that Oolie had found somewhere - perfect!
 We tucked it in a book of Katie's and she found it accidentally.
It was quite exciting!

 above:  Becky's plate of delicious delights
next to Di'd donkey and Skating Monkey

below:  Di's window and charms and treasures.

 Oolie saw the Dutch Bunny (below) that Becky bought
from an artist and shared with us.
She was inspired to create her very own Bunny Doll (above)
The arms and legs are paper clay with papier-mache and
the rest is stitched, stuffed fabric
 I feel like I didn't get much done, but had a magnificent time thinking about things to make and the whole process of getting together with others who also enjoy the process.
A few of my creations are below... and I must say that I am pleased with what I made.
On the plane home, I stitched up a few more things that I'll share next time.
I have tried for the past two days to post this and have had a rough time with the computer - grrrrr. I want to hit the button quickly so as not to lost this one again. Best to everyone....
... and exciting news in the next post.  xoxo