Saturday, September 1, 2012


 This is the staircase in Oolie's hotel in Paris.
We decided to leave Angouleme early so we could 
stroll through Paris before leaving the country.
We dropped our bags at the hotel and took off
(Becky was not feeling 100%, but was a trooper)

BTW, that's Oolie racing down the stairs

Just outside the hotel is this FAB facade of tilework.

Becky wanted a photo of this guys outfit
(blue, on the right)

 Bon Marche
(above) the escalators
(below) pillows designed by Alexander Girard
and made by my friend, Susan's company in ABQ!

a "Forbidden Photo" of luscious sweets

the Metro station just outside Bon Marche

Becky and Oolie in the park

On a mission to Rue de Princesse to find...
Nadine Delphine!

and Sophie Digard!
inspiring and amazing...

It was a fantastic trip, all in all.
We missed everyone, but found life pretty easy
with just 4 opinions!

Looking forward to next year, for sure!


  1. Dearest Jone!
    I will show Pablo the pic of the cool looking guy, maybe that is a fashion that he could adapt;)
    Thank's for all your lovely posts about our great time together!!!!
    Talk soon

  2. lovely lovely lovely Jone! Thanks so much for all the pictures. I am developing a list of things to do when I get back to Paris. I love that cafe where cool blue guy is. ah. paris.

  3. Jone! Just read you are running a workshop in the Les sourres program next year. BIG congrats! how exciting, it sounds great.

  4. Hello, my friend,

    Your posts have been just amazing. I was away myself teaching and came home to find out what I've been missing. Oh my! you have the dearest looking friends. I sneak peeks on Pantry Violets and admire from afar your friendly group. Did you spend all of August having French adventures? How delightful!

    And now the news that you'll teach there next year, oh my goodness! What fun to look forward to!

    I wish I were close enough to pop in for a visit sometime. But so thankful for the joys of my own little world. Still, we will have to engineer a rendezvous some special day.

    Warm hugs!