Thursday, December 27, 2012

a new day

Here are the dogs

After losing Kipper in June, we got lucky in November.
Jack, our 95 lb lab is on the left.
Tess, our new ridgeback, on the right.

Timing is everything.

Love to all.

paper clay

gosh... I love paper clay!

I made these trees a few weeks ago
for Christmas
 They ended up being the only things I made.

I did finish them...
though most of them stayed on my mantel 
along with toadstools..

... and birds

Hope your Christmas was MERRY all 'round
Ours was quiet.. and snowy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

just a little "hello"

I keep wishing for a little more time....
This season does seem to get the best of me,
but the stress - whew!

Thought the banner on this birdcage
was appropriate:


It is my wish for all of you -
this season and into the new year.