Friday, July 30, 2010

Wire Bird Domes

Okay, Di, these are for you!
These are the "Bird Domes" that I have done, though the one below, with the heart, is still unfinished. The bird will actually (eventually) sit up on the "curly q" wire that is coming out on the upper left.
I do like its simplicity...hope to finish it someday........sigh.....

These I did a couple of years ago, it seems. I adore them.

There is something about the "less than shiny" quality of the wire and solder that I like...

This detail of the nest should help me remember what I did to make the nest, but I remain baffled! I like how this one is not symmetrical and the bird looks like it could fly away at any moment.

I must plan a day when I can get back to these. I like how they look, but the process is still new to me, so my confidence level is pretty low. I guess the more of it I do, the better I will feel, right? Just like anything, Practice Makes Perfect!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful birdcage, milady.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bugs & Mushrooms

Bug charms!
I painted them yesterday and I think that they are pretty cool.
I am going to figure out what sort of necklace to do around these.....

They are upside down so you can see the gills underneath.
Doors and windows are painted on the stems - getting ready for the fairies to move in.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Bracelet

I am searching for the right formula for making bracelets......
Don't know that I am there yet, but I seem to be making some progress.
I am enjoying it, no matter what the result.

This is the latest - made from twine and great fabric that I got at the Quilt Store in Danielle's town. What a beautiful shop! We found many treasures there - special buttons, linen thread and this nice "Tilda" designed fabric....
The bracelet is a little goofy, but I think it has a little something to offer.
There are things you cannot see in this photo that I will be using again in the next attempt.
I'll share it when I finish it....

And, here are a few more little bird boxes.
These are the birds that were displayed on the blue plate in the last post.
I papier-mached them (is that a verb?) this morning and finished up the boxes this afternoon. They will be at Curiosa tomorrow....
I love this one with the two little birds having a visit.......

This one has front view (above) and back view (below) I like how sturdy the branch is...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FIMO Air Light

Here are some little birds that I have been making as bases for my papier mache bird boxes.

They look pretty good on this blue plate....
Made from this cool stuff that I got in England - FIMO Air Light - it is soft clay that is so easy to work with. Danielle turned me onto it and I am very grateful.
I look forward to making lots of different kinds of things with this clay....experiments!
If you can find it, I recommend it - lots of fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Bracelet

Inspired by a bracelet that Julie (Arkell) had on at the workshop one day.
A friend of hers made it and Danielle and I coveted it!
This is my version, which I am not sure I love as much, but it is a place to start.

Waxed linen cording, silk ribbon and glass beads.......
........ rather nice combination, I think...

Monday, July 19, 2010

walking stick?

Yesterday, I was opening a bag full of apples and almost jumped out of my skin when this tiny walking stick appeared on the bag!
It just took me by surprise for a second, but I was fascinated once I really looked at it.

I took it outside and set the bag near this pot.
The "stick" took its time, but eventually "walked" over to the pot and sat there for a while.
I ran in to get my camera and snapped these shots.... cool!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Grayson's HAIR

My mom requested that I post photos of Grayson when he had his head shaved for the District Swim Meet.

I have compiled a montage of photos from then til now.

Here is Grayson just 3 days after the "shaving"
I couldn't look at him for the first couple of days - scary!

This was with two weeks growth. I love this photo.

On the Grand Canyon, this photo was taken of the guys up at Nankoweep.
Grayson's hair growth was at around 3 weeks.

This is the length that I like....and Grayson likes it, too.
This photo and the one below are right around Eastertime.

This is a very telling photo.
Addison and Grayson and Keifer have grown up together. Addie was the first to get tall....
Then Keif. This photo was pretty exciting 'cause Grayson is right up there with the girls!

And, today, we measured him and OMG! Grayson is officially 5' 6" tall!
He has passed me up.
Oolie, he is almost as tall as YOU!
Watch out.......

So, Mom, I hope that this satisfies your curiosity about his hair.
He will be towering over you the next time you see him.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Pulled the bread out of the bag and there, in front of me, was this cat!
Isn't it cool?
I "painted" the tail on with mayonnaise and then, Jodi, my friend, added a blueberry for the eye.
Had to take a photo....
It became Grayson's tuna sandwich after the photo was taken - short life.......

This is the brooch I made for Jodi for her birthday - finally finished it!

She put it on immediately and told me she likes it...
Happy belated, dear Jodi....

In the evening, we went up to St John's to hear some jazz. You can see how threatening the sky was. I just thought a little drizzle might feel pretty good, but when it started, many people left the field.

We just tucked under a blanket and waited it out. The music continued, so we continued to listen.

On the way home, I stuck the camera out the window and snapped this shot of the sunset.
I count my blessings daily to be living in such a gorgeous place.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Insects - xo

On the first day of the workshop, Julie (Arkell) gave us each a little packet filled with bits of fabric, little charms and a small papier mache medallion.
That was it for me.
The little charm made from paper touched my spirit and the ideas began to flow.
Here, at the bottom of the packet, is the beautiful little medallion.......sigh....

Danielle, Sue, Kate and I pulled out the glue, wire and paper and made our own versions of medallions.
We all loved how they looked drying on this wire..... and then came the painting...

This bracelet was experimental with the flowers, but the delicate insect drives me wild!

I love bugs.
I have collected them for years.
I used to embroider them on my boyfriend's trousers....
I draw them all the time - almost on a daily basis.
These little charms are the perfect size for insects. They make me very, very happy.

This bee may be my favorite..... It is just the size of a fingernail, which adds to the charm.

I am looking forward to making more of these tiny gems.

To see more charms by Kate and Danielle, check

Monday, July 12, 2010

Billie Spille

This is one of my new prized possessions - a tiny painting by an American artist living in the Dordogne area of France.....
We were lucky enough to meet her while there and she touched me so deeply.

I rearranged the mantle on Saturday to display some of my new inspiration. It feels fresh and light and Billie's piece IS the central focus...sigh...

Here she is in her living room with her tiny images enlarged by her wonderful husband, Dean, who is an extraordinary artist himself. What a beautiful life they lead - painting all day.

This box, covered with Billie's whimsical images, was upstairs sitting on a shelf. I smiled.

I fell in love with this one, painted on a page from an old book....

And this one took my breath away -

Her process is fascinating to me - colorful, giggling images scattered across the page.

And this one - how could you not smile to look at this delightful, magical heart filled with love?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things I Made In France

The Julie Arkell Workshop that I just returned from was wonderful.
Please check out
for "in depth coverage" of what we did and what we saw and where we stayed and who we met.
Below are a few of the things that I made......inspired by the one and only Julie Arkell.

This is my favorite - a Suffolk Puff Brooch.
I, of course, did not really follow all the instructions, but went my own direction.
I love the simple fabric and the buttons, rather than the mixed fabric with tiny puff balls as the centers.
I think I will wear this a lot!

Julie showed us one of the most practical things ever - a pocket!
You simply tie it on like a belt and voila! you have a very necessary pocket
to hold things like glasses, cell phone, pencil, etc - whatever.
Sooooo simple and just right!

Above is my unfinished one in subtle colors
below is my red and natural color one with favorite buttons
and one of Becky's wonderful images - dog!

a close-up of DOG

I hope that I can get these finished before I get back into my "life" full force.
Today has been such a lazy day....hmmmmm....
......I feel like sewing......

.....more to follow in the next few days.....