Friday, July 16, 2010

Grayson's HAIR

My mom requested that I post photos of Grayson when he had his head shaved for the District Swim Meet.

I have compiled a montage of photos from then til now.

Here is Grayson just 3 days after the "shaving"
I couldn't look at him for the first couple of days - scary!

This was with two weeks growth. I love this photo.

On the Grand Canyon, this photo was taken of the guys up at Nankoweep.
Grayson's hair growth was at around 3 weeks.

This is the length that I like....and Grayson likes it, too.
This photo and the one below are right around Eastertime.

This is a very telling photo.
Addison and Grayson and Keifer have grown up together. Addie was the first to get tall....
Then Keif. This photo was pretty exciting 'cause Grayson is right up there with the girls!

And, today, we measured him and OMG! Grayson is officially 5' 6" tall!
He has passed me up.
Oolie, he is almost as tall as YOU!
Watch out.......

So, Mom, I hope that this satisfies your curiosity about his hair.
He will be towering over you the next time you see him.


  1. oooh what a heartbreaker, the Santa Fe girls had better watch out!

  2. I can see a little Bergquist but mostly Hallmark. don't you thnnk?