Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things I Made In France

The Julie Arkell Workshop that I just returned from was wonderful.
Please check out
for "in depth coverage" of what we did and what we saw and where we stayed and who we met.
Below are a few of the things that I made......inspired by the one and only Julie Arkell.

This is my favorite - a Suffolk Puff Brooch.
I, of course, did not really follow all the instructions, but went my own direction.
I love the simple fabric and the buttons, rather than the mixed fabric with tiny puff balls as the centers.
I think I will wear this a lot!

Julie showed us one of the most practical things ever - a pocket!
You simply tie it on like a belt and voila! you have a very necessary pocket
to hold things like glasses, cell phone, pencil, etc - whatever.
Sooooo simple and just right!

Above is my unfinished one in subtle colors
below is my red and natural color one with favorite buttons
and one of Becky's wonderful images - dog!

a close-up of DOG

I hope that I can get these finished before I get back into my "life" full force.
Today has been such a lazy day....hmmmmm....
......I feel like sewing......

.....more to follow in the next few days.....


  1. Oh goodness, you ladies had such a wonderful locale for your workshop. I've already seen Becky's photo of you and your lovelies. And I did go to pantryviolets as well. I look forward to more photos and tales of the adventures of you very lovely adventuring artists.

  2. LINDA!
    I need to find you!!
    How best to do that?
    Please email me, okay?


  3. Fantastic Jone. Wonderful things you made as well as wonderful memories. What will the dog piece be? It so reminds me of Becky. Love that little house medal along with everything else.

  4. aaaah sooo lovely!

    great to see your beautiful makes all together....