Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bugs & Mushrooms

Bug charms!
I painted them yesterday and I think that they are pretty cool.
I am going to figure out what sort of necklace to do around these.....

They are upside down so you can see the gills underneath.
Doors and windows are painted on the stems - getting ready for the fairies to move in.


  1. Hmm, I have some naughty characters that are really interested in moving in to the mushroom that I got from you...:)
    Will show that in a near future!
    The charms are to die for!!!
    I would like to see many of them in the same necklace! That would be awesome!
    Something like your necklace with buttons but with charms instead!

  2. Jone! The bugs are fabulous! Lovely, lovely painting - and such a small scale!
    They will make a beautiful necklace.
    I love the photo of your mushroom work in progress! Do you ever sleep? Will be interested to see them when they're finished. Xxdi

  3. whoa baby! I love all that stuff. it takes me to another world.

  4. I have not had a minute to stop by in a while but have to say... oh my oh my, you are reaching new heights in deliciousness! Want to do a little trade sometime? I am loving your work. Sighing over those darling necklaces, the funny mushrooms... you have such a wonderfully whimsical imagination and your work is deceptively simple. Takes real brains to pull this kind of thing off. Yay, Jone, you are really amazing.