Friday, July 30, 2010

Wire Bird Domes

Okay, Di, these are for you!
These are the "Bird Domes" that I have done, though the one below, with the heart, is still unfinished. The bird will actually (eventually) sit up on the "curly q" wire that is coming out on the upper left.
I do like its simplicity...hope to finish it someday........sigh.....

These I did a couple of years ago, it seems. I adore them.

There is something about the "less than shiny" quality of the wire and solder that I like...

This detail of the nest should help me remember what I did to make the nest, but I remain baffled! I like how this one is not symmetrical and the bird looks like it could fly away at any moment.

I must plan a day when I can get back to these. I like how they look, but the process is still new to me, so my confidence level is pretty low. I guess the more of it I do, the better I will feel, right? Just like anything, Practice Makes Perfect!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful birdcage, milady.....


  1. Hey jone! Thanks for posting these! I love them - they are light and airy - not too much cage - lovely leaves and I love that fact they aren't fully enclosed! I know what u mean about the wire and solder! And about soldering with only wire - if u flux the solder runs down the wire off the joint and if u don't flux it's sometimes hard to make the joint! I found out when I got home and started on the 'dobbers' how much a gap affects the soldering ! I'd been sewing for about a month/6 weeks and it took me a good couple of days to get my technique back. You MUST do more PLEASE!!!!! They are so beautiful Jone and have style that is all your own - have confidence in yourself Jone you are a truly gifted woman at many many media - a rare and wonderful thing! Rejoice! Love, love to you xxdi

  2. Are you selling these Jone? I think many would enjoy having these around their homes, Very special and unique. I love your wire work.