Sunday, August 1, 2010

little cards

Shawna, my friend who has the wonderful shop in Santa Fe, CURIOSA, requested some little cards from me that she could give to folks who purchase my things.

"Handle With Care" was important, since paper, glue, wire and string aren't all that strong.
These will go in each box holding the precious cargo.

Here are the "Artist Cards" that give info on the artist
(in this case, me)
I wanted them to be a little different (ha! what a surprise)
What do you think?

I did a couple of the cards in a 5x7 so it can be posted near the pieces in the shop.
So difficult to write about oneself.....


  1. The 'handle with care' signs are sweet Jone and the business cards are lovely gentle colours and once again on your own inimitable style - the words sound like you talking - which is always a good thing! I'd be really happy to get a sweet little set of cards like this when I bought a gift it makes it much more personal somehow doesn't it! Well done you! Xxdi

  2. I would be happy to just receive one of these little cards, your type style is delightful as usual...very professional!! Dxx

  3. Very special Jone in your wonderful personal handwriting. They add even more to your creations.