Thursday, August 5, 2010

beeeeautiful earrings

well, could you have passed these up?
I walked into Curiosa and there they were -
stunning little treasures!
I tried them on and did not want to take them off...
look closely at these exquisite tiny birds...
sitting atop a bowl of cherries

and the backs.......
don't you love when you find something amazing and then you check the back..
and it is just as incredible,
but hidden in the secret hiding place?


  1. Gorgeous! I wouldn't have passed them up either! I can just imagine them on you too!


  2. beeeeeeeautiful; AND a hidden something just for you;PLUS you're keeping the circle going. Curiosa buys from you, you buy from Curiosa. it's good Karma. win/win

  3. Wonderful Jone. I hope you are enjoying wearing them as much as I have liked looking at them and yes i know you are.