Monday, August 23, 2010

Alexander Girard

I have been sitting at the kitchen table today, cutting out images from some wrapping paper designed by Alexander Girard back in the '60s. I have re-arranged some of these images and made some cards out of them.....what do you think?

I really like the subtle gray-blue-charcoal in this one....

...and then, some Christmas cards:
I get a little chill when I see how extraordinary his designs are.
They can be mix-matched over and over and still come out so "right"

I remember visiting the World's Fair in San Antonio, Texas in 1968.
it was Hemisfair and, for me, MAGICAL....
one of my favorite exhibits was a building that housed
an incredible collection by a man with named Girard.
Since San Antonio was only an hour away, my family visited often.
My mom and I loved the Girard Collection so much.

In 1973, I left on a jet plane to fly to Switzerland to live.
I will never forget the plane - a "pickle" green Braniff jet.
I could not have been happier.
-it was a good omen.

Alexander Girard designed the Braniff logo and all that went with it!

When I came to Santa Fe the very first time in 1985,
my friend Nora and I went to
the Museum of International Folk Art.

well, first of all - WHAT A MUSEUM!
But, the wing we fell in love with - was the Girard Wing.
Alexander Girard lived in Santa Fe, NM and donated his collection -
(the one I had seen so many years before at Hemisfair)
to this museum in the very place I had chosen to live as an adult.

When I worked at Doodlet's, a wonderful store in Santa Fe,
I delivered Mrs Girard's purchases to their home one Christmas.
It was definitely a highlight of my life.
They lived with some of the most incredible things that I
have ever seen, displayed in the same way as the museum.
(he had designed that, too, complete with lighting)

took my breath away..

And now, I get to work with people who make sure that
the Girard design
is out there in the world on beautiful products for all to enjoy.


  1. thanks for the nice comment and visit the other day, Jone! love these and all your wonderfully creative projects. sail on! xoC

  2. You are on a well deserved roll Jone! I love the colours and the designs and what great cards they make - there's nothing like great design - it cam be applied to any medium and look just as good. What great opportunity it is to see an artist or designer in their own space - unforgettable - like Billie!!

  3. Doodlets !!!! I loved Doodlets. I still have some german stampings in my hoard from that wonderful store. I lived there in the mid-80's and adored the museums...all of them !!!!!Thanks for the remembrances !