Friday, August 13, 2010

Lunch at Leslie's

What a nice time....
Around 1 pm, I went to my friend, Leslie's house for lunch.
Haven't seen her in ages!
Long ago, we had a Mom's Group when our kids were little. We met on Wednesdays and went to the zoo and out to lunch, or just sat around one of our houses and watched the kids play.

Since our friend, Marian is here from the Netherlands, Leslie had us over, along with our friend, Lynn. Leslie's beautiful daughter, Scarlet was there, too. She was one of Forrest's best buds when they were tiny kiddos.....
Here is Leslie - beautiful, intelligent and strong
....and photos of her lovely home:

living room

bobcat and raccoon...and ram, above

dining area

Mr Peanut items in the glass dental cabinet....

Oh Becky!
...just HAD to take a photo of this magnificent fellow!!

back yard, where we ate

Portia, who is now at least 30 years old!

Portia's feathers in a glass urn and a jar of wishes (bones)

Leslie has a unusual way of seeing things and I think she has a lot of magic going on around her.
She used to do taxidermy and has several animals around the house.
Her bird, Portia, has been around as long as I have known her and she has another named Pearl, whom I just met today.

We had such a wonderful time talking.
It has been way too long since we were all together.
There were a couple of the "moms" who were not around, so we must do it again soon.

Time flies....

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  1. Jone!
    I have that crazy monkey,
    bought him on Etsy, two years ago!
    Love him!
    What a lovely place your friend has!