Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I walked into the house at 4:30 pm and saw this spectacular display of rainbows scattered around the room.
The sun comes through the west window that time of day and hits a glass ball that sits on a glass candlestick holder. The ball is made from small pieces of glass glued together. When the light hits the different pieces it is quite a show....... magic.......

And here is the most recent of my papier mache Bird Domes.....
Instead of a bird, there is a small picture of a bird on the heart...with the words "everlasting VISION".......


  1. It's a love bird! Aren't rainbows the most delightful thing ever? It's like the sky upside down smiling!! Another sale pending there I think Jone someone is sure to be unable to resist your most recent creation! Xxdi

  2. Love the little bird cage with "captured" heart.