Sunday, August 8, 2010

XIT Booth #ONE: Preparations

Well, we just got back from XIT Rodeo & Reunion in Dalhart, Texas.
This is an annual event that we try to go to each August.
Long ago, there was a ranch in the Panhandle of Texas that covered 10 counties. The brand for the cattle was XIT, which is NOT "Ten in Texas" as many have thought over the years, but instead a simple brand that a cowboy could easily make with a straight iron, yet not easy to duplicate.
Anyway, for many years (next year is the 75th!) there has been a rodeo and a reunion of the former ranch hands of the ranch. The last ranch hand died several years ago, but the Rodeo still happens, as well as the Reunion.
There are several days of events, but Saturday is the BIG one. It starts in the morning with a parade that goes for at least an hour. Cullen's uncle "calls" it (talks about each float coming up) and we all watch as kids collect candy from the passing floats and one of Cullen's relatives always rides a horse that leads the horse with the "Empty Saddle" for all the ranch hands who have died. Then, we eat lunch at the home of one of the people on the main street - hamburgers and brownies for all! From there, we go take naps, or dip in the pool, or ready ourselves for the BBQ, which is what we did this year.

Every year, there is a theme for our serving booth. We are always Booth #ONE and organized by Cullen's cousin, Mark. About a month ago, we were asked to think about themes for the booth and I came up with Red, White & Blue, thinking it would be easy for everyone. Mark's daughter came up with Crazy Hair, so we combined the two and had "Red, White & Blue and Crazy Hair, Too" was wild! We tend to be very loud and wild anyway, so adding costumes is the cherry on top!

You must understand that this is the Largest Free BBQ in the World and people will stand in line for ages just for a plate of incredible brisket, BBQ sauce, applesauce, pickles, onions and beans (only in Texas!) Serving is a bLAST and even the people waiting in line in the hot sun have a good time......

So, think of the theme and have a few laughs as you scroll through the photos below:
Here are those of us who did a little self-decorating!
(click to enlarge)

Lisa (with her son, Micah behind her)
with her wild pink, green and red crazy hair!

Larissa, the "Crazy Hair Idea" girl - stunning!

Mark, the Muppet! His blue mustache was incredible, esp with the blue feathery hat
(and do you see that little pony tail over his shoulder - ha!)
(makes him look like a rock star!)

My hubby, Cullen, went "subtle" with a little blue

lft to rt: Micah, Jaylyn (sp?) Audrey (?) Lindsay and Seth (twin to Micah)
They looked fantastic and were so enthusiastic!
Guess it helps being 20-something....
(how 'bout those bodies?!)

below are some of the early shots of preparation:
Lisa's squiggles

Micah "mid-conehead"
(ouch! look at that sunburn)

Lindsay working on Larissa's "multi-cone"

Next year is the 75th and we have BIG plans! Think about coming to Dalhart for BBQ and Rodeo the first full weekend of August - 4th, 5th and 6th - 2011. It is a blast!


  1. Looks like you all had a fine old time - loving the hair do's it's a bit like bjork meets marge Simpson! Especially love the pointy do's! Xxdi

  2. Do you have any pics for this year?