Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It has been a busy couple of days around here.....lots of creativity floating in the air..

PROJECT #1: Mini Toadstools
I found some wooden bits at Michael's to make these tiny toadstools with .
I glued them together and viola!
Add some white, red and green paint and a bit of matte Mod Podge.
I am crazy about them!

PROJECT #2: Woven Paper Sails
I needed something a little different for the sails on my boat.
I thought about painting silk, which may still happen.
But, I think that woven paper has great texture and looks pretty cool.
I tore some sheet music into thin strips and wove it.
Painting the weaving with papier mache paste should make it a bit I will add another layer, or two, of that......and then cut out the sails.

Here's the boat that the sails are for. It is my first one - my guinea pig.
The mast is wire wrapped in papier mache and the flag says, "Adventure"
(see for the completed "ship")

PROJECT #3: Sara's "S"
This is the little bird that will sit on Sara's "S" when it gets back to the Netherlands.

And here is the "S"...
After seeing my papier mache, my young friend, Sara, wanted to papier mache her initial.
She bought a blank "S" at Hobby Lobby and brought it over to my house.
She picked up the process of papier mache pretty quickly and I think she did a fabulous job!
Her painting on the final product is beautiful....and the bird will look pretty sweet sitting there.
We had a really nice afternoon, Sara, her mom, Marian and me.


  1. Hey Jone! U creative whirlwind u - I love the boat in progress and am off to look on pantry at how it's coming along! I think we have a bit of creative synergy going on - I did a stall full of paper boats some years ago - I have one rather weather beaten craft at my hut - will take a pic and send at the weekend! Am loving the way it's coming along - especially the sails which will be fabulous - I love the change in texture.

  2. Jone you are always so busy creating. I so admire that about you. Love the little green bird.