Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bird Channel

This is the kitchen door.
At night, the door stays open so that the air comes in to cool off the room after the day.
The cats love this door.
We call it the "Bird Channel"....because they can sit right there and watch all the birds and other "goings on" in the comfort of their own home!

Yesterday, I was with my friend Greta, who has just moved back to Santa Fe.
I am so happy that she is back and hope to be able to spend lots of time with her - being creative and talking and (hopefully) writing!
Greta and I both love fantasy and fairytales and we adore Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.
As I was leaving her place yesterday, she picked up something from the shelf by the door and said, "I found this and immediately thought of you"
Here, with one of my tiny houses, is the Magic Mushroom that Greta found and so generously gave to me, for inspiration......

Doesn't it look like it is dancing?

I think it is magnificent and am so happy that she found it and that she felt I needed to have it!!

Thank you, dear Greta, for this very magical gift...


  1. What an amazing mushroom. I can not wait to see what kind of inspiration it brings you.

  2. hey there Jone Dragonfly!!!! How could I forget you even though I feel as if I have been away for months!!!! Spain was full of dragonflies...yellow, red and blue ones., cannot get email to you as home internet down till friday and work email not wanting to send to your address!!!! Now off on Saturday to Indonesia, will try to scype you from work this afternoon?
    Lovely posts by the way, the little boats are so whimsicxal, I love them!

  3. it's perfect! you're so so welcome :)