Friday, October 29, 2010

cReEpY cLoWn

This morning we got up and after a shower, Grayson put on his "clown white" and added the "wig" I made last night (from felt, what else?)
He thinks clowns are pretty creepy, so decided that is what he would do for Halloween.
Everyone is "dressing" for school today........
It is incredible what a little "paint" can do, don't you think?

...hmmmmmm....he almost looks "happy"......


Monday, October 25, 2010


Desert Academy - Grayson's school - is the home of the wildcats!
The Parents' Association is having some "tattoos" made as a fund raiser and, instead of simply drawing the image, I, of course, made it far more complicated and carved a stamp (!)

pretty cool though, don't you think?
above, is the carved stamp and
below, is the image it stamps on paper
Gotta say that I am quite pleased with the way it turned out....
........... Go Wildcats!...........

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good News and Bad News

The bad news first - I did not get into the Renegade San Francisco Holiday Show

The good news is that I finally finished most of the work I had to get done this week and got to play with Oolie tonight - her last night here!
We spent some time in the greenhouse this evening, talking about images to carve in stamps. She is such a great support and had fab ideas....including those below that have me so excited!!
This one I adore!
It is her little grand-niece in the pumpkin patch - so darn cute!

I call this "friends"
They are two separate stamps, but look great together...

This little guy is quite blurry - hmmmmm - but cute.
I will try him again, though, 'cause I like his style.

It is a disappointment to not be going to SF Renegade, but I'll get over it.
Thanks to all of you you encouraged me and had confidence.
Guess all the stuff I have been making for it will now go to my
"soon-to-open" etsy shop....

Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, I did it!
I applied to the San Francisco Renegade Holiday Craft Fair!!
(wish me luck!)
Here are my submissions:
Felt Goodies - lavender-filled, hand-dyed hearts and xmas ornaments
Bracelets from ribbons and buttons
Papier-Mache figures - birds, girls and houses
...and some Bug Charms
Handmade Rubber Stamps and hand-printed cards

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last night, I finally finished up these little birds that I started about a month ago.

The base is paper clay.
(do you remember the white birds on the blue plate?)
I added a couple of layers of papier mache and then wings.
After that, I curled the wire at the bottom and top, for hanging.

These two have butterfly wings with layers of glitter and mica
a view from the top

I just love the little curly-q's under the bellies of the birds....
.....what you don't see is the curly-q's at the top - as hooks

Monday, October 11, 2010

stamped on linen

I cut up some old linen sheets and stamped a few of these little squares.....
This birdie looks kinda like Christmas - with the evergreen it is sitting on.
I like this one.
I might have to add some yellow thread to the center of these flowers.
This one didn't stamp very well, but it will be nice with a cleaner stamp.

I plan to fill the little "pockets' with lavender - mmmmmm, they'll smell great!
I'll share them once they are done....

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I finally "stamped out" all the stamps I have carved in the last month.....
hmmmmmm, when I look at them all on the same page, it doesn't look like that many.....

Anyone "need" any cards? What images would you like?
They are $6 for 8 cards, all tied up with twine.
Let me know if you want tiny gift cards or little place cards.... whatever.....
Also, suggestions on designs are welcome!

Guess I need to get going on the etsy shop.....Danielle?

Have a really nice day today...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Texans Don't Pick Bluebonnets

This is a hiway in Central Texas during "Bluebonnet Season"
I must say that it is something to see in person.

These pictures are pretty nice, though.....

It is like a sea of BLUE during late March/early April in certain parts of the state.

But, those Western Diamondbacks (rattlesnakes) like to hide in those luscious plants that line the roads. I don't recommend getting out of the car to pick any flowers....
(....besides, it is against state law)

Monday, October 4, 2010

a bit of embroidery....

Here is a little something I "whipped up" today (ha!) - inspired by my friend, Charlotte Lyons ( who keeps doing the most wonderful things....and is the reason I have been asked to submit to "" (the online magazine I did the little ornaments for)

You can see that I have not yet finished every little detail, but it is 90% done.....I think.......

I just love "satin stitch" which I have never done much of....doesn't look too bad for a first attempt, though. I am pretty pleased with it...

It was tough to take a photo of the "woven" tulip. I stitched the vertical threads first and then "wove" the horizontal threads in and out from side to side...
I like how it turned out, though I will be more careful next time and a little less "zippy" trying to get it finished.

All in all, a good experiment. I cannot wait to do MORE of this kind of thing....and maybe offer a few of the patterns on my (not-yet-open) etsy shop......coming soon to a computer near you!

off into the world.....

Here are the little ornaments that I made yesterday.
I am sending them off to a sweet online magazine (
Today, I have to write out the instructions, which is always tedious for me, since I never think about "how" I actually do something. I usually have the "trial & error" method going for me!

Hope you are all having a great day! xo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aspens on the Mountain

This morning we drove up to the ski area to hike up the mountain and "experience" the golden aspens.
This is one of the first views when driving up. I thought, from town, that it was closer to "peak" but it looks like we could have another week before the mountain is filled with the intense color .......

Not a great shot, but, from left to right - Cullen, Kipper, Jack and Eric (our friend)

This one is nice....look at the "reddish" ones up on the left - great contrast to the bright gold.

From above, looking down toward the mountain across the way. You can also see the buildings at the bottom of the area - and the parking lot.

This is taken from the top of the "quad" chair lift...overlooking the valley to the west.
Below, you can see out toward the Jemez Mountains, where Los Alamos is located.

And, this is one of the last "looks" on the way back down the mountain...
What a beautiful morning it was........