Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aspens on the Mountain

This morning we drove up to the ski area to hike up the mountain and "experience" the golden aspens.
This is one of the first views when driving up. I thought, from town, that it was closer to "peak" but it looks like we could have another week before the mountain is filled with the intense color .......

Not a great shot, but, from left to right - Cullen, Kipper, Jack and Eric (our friend)

This one is nice....look at the "reddish" ones up on the left - great contrast to the bright gold.

From above, looking down toward the mountain across the way. You can also see the buildings at the bottom of the area - and the parking lot.

This is taken from the top of the "quad" chair lift...overlooking the valley to the west.
Below, you can see out toward the Jemez Mountains, where Los Alamos is located.

And, this is one of the last "looks" on the way back down the mountain...
What a beautiful morning it was........

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  1. lucky you! lucky me, too for living here as well. it's one of those "the best things in life are free" or "the free things in life are best" kinda items. I'm going up on Thursday to do the chair lift thing with my 76 year old friend. and I'm glad to see the dogs all had a good time too.