Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dragon in Motion

Here it is, though my photos are pretty bad....
The Dragon in Motion at the park - a dress rehearsal in preparation for next Friday's "performance."
I am so pleased that it came out looking very much like the image I had in my head before we began - how lucky can you get?

I love it when the "dragon" kneels down. The body is so fluid and the legs just fold down so gracefully. The kids did a magnificent job!

Scales in the sunshine. It was a gorgeous day today - bluest skies and greenest leaves in the trees. Lucky again.....


  1. What a perfect day for a "dragon walk"!
    Very cool dragon, what an awesome project!
    Much love

  2. AMAZING! you are incredible, lady!


  3. That is quite a wonderful dragon Jone. It even has t your personality in it. Also reminds me of the children's books by Elisa Kleven (I think that is her name). Do you know of her?

  4. HI JONE!
    I love the dragon - reminds me of the chinatown parades at new year!
    Fabulous colours too - what a great project to be involved in - well done.