Thursday, September 16, 2010

another obsession

I know that for a time there were lots and lots of little papier mache girls standing on boxes holding things....
...and birds on branches....
...bugs on tiny medallions...... with flags....

welcome to my latest obsession!
I cannot stop carving these rubber stamps.....I am in love!

I know that I have a way to go, but somehow the imperfection is what intrigues and delights me ..... I can't help it....

...trying to let go of my "control" thing....sigh.....wish me luck.

..hmmmmmm, lots of brown in this post....


  1. I want to come over right now with fabric paint and canvas and make totes!

  2. Your carvings are wonderful. I like all the brown. Make sit look au natural.

  3. oooh aaah gosh, I so love the fly stamp, you HAVE to so some stationary, pleeeese, I will buy it all...and so will the people at the renegade fair!!!

  4. You are so brilliant in every thing you do, the stamps are beautiful!!!
    Love to you

  5. Jone- these newly carved stamps are wonderful! If they were available on Etsy, I would have bought them ALL in a heartbeat!!!!!! I love the idea of greeting cards and wrapping paper done up with them. Keep carving!
    LOVE- your Oolie