Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Long Greens, to be exact.
This is the time of year in New Mexico, that the incredible smell of roasting green chiles fills the air. Every grocery store and most parking lots in town have large roasting baskets set up with burners going hot! They pour the chiles in and turn them over and over to roast all sides of each chile. YUM!

We took 30 pounds of chiles up to our friends in Laramie, Wyoming this past weekend. They had requested them and we were happy to oblige!
Above is a plate of freshly roasted chiles from the grill - almost tooo much!!!! Just "peel and eat"

Below, we made pizza - and the guys ended up with chopped chiles all over theirs.

We each had our own pizza to "decorate" with toppings....The guys put theirs on the grill to "toast"....

Cullen added some goodies to his.....

...And then the green chile! A whopping amount!

Here is the pizza that Deb made (mine looked more like hers than the guys')
It was soooooo yummy! It was a "blustery" evening sitting outside, so we ate pretty fast. Still, it was pretty nice.




    i want to come for the next pizza night! :)

  2. ooooh I want to be there with you, I love fried pimientos, my grandmother would put them in a sandwich and make us eat them on the beach! yes, when is the next pizza night?