Friday, September 10, 2010

Daddy's Children's Books

I was going through lots of books on my mom's living room shelves today and, to my delight, I found a small stash of my daddy's books from when he was a child - in Swedish! What luck!

I am in love with the pictures (!) and the lettering.
This one is a song is the music!
I am looking forward to making copies for papier mache

I think that these boats are pretty wonderful....

Here is the cover of the book. Just occurred to me that Elsa Beskow is the illustrator. I have so many of her books in my collection at home.

This one is from another book of poetry....and beautiful pictures.
There are so many really exquisite pages - colors and delicate images.....

I feel so good having found this little connection to my daddy...... pretty special for me.


  1. These so much remind me of you and your art style. It's so wonderful that they were your dad's books and you even have a connection with the art and writing.

  2. Lovely lovely!
    Elsa Beskow is (was) the number one illustrator!

  3. Jone! What a treasure! Arent the illustrations fantastic and the colours are so gentle - Taylor is right the do remind me of your own gentle paintings too!