Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quilting Beasts

When I got to my mom's last week, this sweet little "maileg mouse" was sitting on my pillow when I went up to bed. I don't think my mom knew it, but I have wanted one of these little guys for a long time.
I was so happy to see it.

The real reason she got it was because it reminded her of some little creatures that my friend Mary and I made almost 20 years ago.
Actually, Mary did all the hard work - stitching and stuffing.
I just cut the stamps and printed the fabric for the quilts.
I think we called them "Quilting Beasts" and sold them in several galleries around the country.
I guess we were a little ahead of our time.......

Here are close-ups of the quilts - pretty cool.
(each is 2 1/2 - 3 inches )
I found all the stamps I cut and am amazed at my own ability
- whew - I think I must be crazy!
Each quilt was hand-stamped and then Mary stitched (quilted) around every tiny pattern.
I am in awe of her miniscule stitches.

Below are three of the "Beasts" themselves......

When I look at them, I think we really were pretty incredible.
Mary was extraordinary in her talent.
I have some more of her work to show you....
...maybe in tomorrow's post.

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