Thursday, April 29, 2010

more lovely girls....

I promise that I will stop posting these tiny people someday....
Please forgive my obsession with them... I just find their distinct and diverse personalities so appealing!

Forget-Me-Not wreath girl
Butterfly Catcher
(above and below, back view)

another Butterfly Girl
....she may actually take flight!

"SING for Joy"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

El Paso, Texas

This weekend, we drove to El Paso to visit Cullen's parents and sister and her family.
It was pretty windy on the drive down, but Saturday and Sunday were beautiful! 
This morning, we were sitting out on the porch having brunch. It was so warm and the sun was filtering through the trees.......the adults were at the other table, closer to the house.

The teenage boys were sitting together at one table. They must've stayed up all night because they were pretty low energy! Still, they were there with the rest of us and that was nice.

My youngest nephew, Finn, posed up in the garden for me. It was nice to see everything so green. He is a pretty happy kiddo......

We had a big surprise. Up in the tree above the boys' table was a tiny nest with two tiny eggs in it. I feel so lucky to have witnessed this little miracle twice so far this spring.
Every time someone would walk by, the mama bird (a hummingbird!) would fly out of the nest.

I finally stood very still behind a tree and waited until the mama came back to the nest. It paid off.....and here is the photo of the tiny bird sitting on her tiny eggs.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh My Goodness......

Today I walked into Curiosa (the shop where my little goodies are sold) to deliver five boxes with dancing girls on top (see below)

As Shawna and I were talking and "oooing and ahhhing" over these delightful pieces (cause I DO absolutely love them and find them delightful!) two ladies came to see what we were looking at. They, too, thought them delightful (tee hee) and ended up purchasing my two favorite ones (first two photos below)

They were so complimentary and said all the things that I was thrilled to hear - all the things that Shawna and I had talked about like movement and joy.... and "from the heart"......sigh.......

"It is love"


Thanks to Linda and Jackie from Portland, for appreciating these little treasures. I know that they are going to the perfect places! I do hope that they will continue to make you smile, as they do me... .......  back to the studio for more!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOVE much..

I just found these photos that I took a very long time ago.
They are of watercolors from Lisbeth Zwerger and I have adored her work for many years.

She inspires me. Her colors and patterns...... the quality of her design, the subtlety and innocence.

Isn't this skirt magnificent? I would like to make one for myself.......or, a three dimensional one out of paper for a doll, maybe.... 

I wish I could paint like this. There is a naive quality that is so pure and lovely.... not one you can reproduce, really. It must come from the heart. She is an exquisite artist.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Something Special

Yesterday, Grayson said, "Mom, I need to show you something.."
So, I followed him to the fort, which used to be surrounded by trees before the drought over the past few years.
It now stands alone in the west yard, looking a bit sad, since the kiddo is too old to play in it now. Anyway, he led me up the stairs and pointed to the corner and said, "Look."
...So, I

A tiny nest with three tiny little pale blue eggs snuggled close together. What a special treat!

Today, just moments ago, I went up to check on them. As I climbed the stairs, the mom flew a bit frantically away. I did not mean to scare her, but I guess I am pretty big and scary to her.
As I peeked in, I was thrilled to see that today there are FOUR eggs nestled together! What a delightful spring surprise. I am so glad that this little family has found such a perfect place to be - out of the way and protected (for the most part) I can hardly wait til they hatch....happy days!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fairies & Toadstools

I was fooling around making some more little people when I had the brilliant idea to bend one to sit atop one of the toadstools...and WOW!

I could not be happier, though I still have a bit to do to finish all the details.

Tomorrow, I will be painting several sets of wings so that some of these little "people" can become little "fairies".. I am excited about this new direction I seem to be following. My heart is certainly in it and I have not been so pleased with my work in a very long time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Treats at Oolie's

One morning, Julie brought out her treasures from Janet Bolton

The delicate child pictured above ("The First Curtain Call") is absolutely breathtaking.
I think I could spend all day long just looking at it. 
The innocence and magic that it represents is beyond description with words.

...And this little guy is a real charmer! Equally as sweet, and full of "impish-ness"        ("The Garden Visitor")

We both laughed when Julie realized that the stuffing she was using in her balls looked just like steam coming out of a hot cup of tea in her tiny, blue teacup.....

When Julie brought out these tiny chocolate mushrooms, I was speechless! She got them at Borders, so we went back to see if they had any more of them. I was lucky to get the last box in stock. They are precious (!) and pretty yummy, too.

And, last but certainly not least, the DOLLHOUSE. She walked into Anthropologie one day and there in front of her stood this incredible dollhouse from Portugal. She took it right home!
I think that the carvings of the children on the top are fantastic, and the bricks all over. What a wonderful piece of handcrafting.......

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dancing Ladies

I really do love these little figures that I have been working on....
They are just 2 1/2" to 3" tall and, if I do say so myself - delightful!

These photos are the front and back of the "twirling girl" - can't you just see her skirt billowing as she twirls around? Not sure what she will be holding in her arms, but I know it will present itself soon......

The bases for the papier mache are these simple sculptures wound from 22 gauge wire.

Honestly, I think that they show so much movement with so little. It is pretty exciting to see how the personalities of each figure comes out of a bit of wire and paper.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


These are the little figures that I had set my sights on finishing at Oolie's House..
I am sooooo happy with them!
Each one has a personality of its own, and they make you smile...

I just love when I am able to actually create an image that is in my head and sometimes make it even more wonderful than I imagine it.......  super cool!

Doesn't happen all the time and I have learned to really appreciate those "magic moments"...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oolie's House Day One

On Wednesday, midday, we went a few blocks from Oolie's house to Dog Tooth Coffee for some coffee and chai. What a great little local coffee shop! Friendly people and yummy chai!

Inside on the wall is this wonderful painting that was done by two young brothers (aged 7 and 9?) in honor of their dog who died. I fell in love with this painting right away and had to have a photo of it to share with you. Isn't it charming? LOVE the mice sitting on his back.....

And on the way home...THIS IS THE VIEW! Pike's Peak! Right down the street form Oolie's house! It is incredible, really, to look up and see this 14,200 ft mountain RIGHT THERE!!!
...........absolutely fantastic.....

And, here is Oolie's backyard ..... looking at the house. Isn't it cute? The arched doorway goes into the room where we were working, and my bedroom was up on the second floor on the left.
The trees below are at the other end of the yard from the above photo... 
What you can't see is that Pike's Peak is right behind those trees in all its' glory (and snow!)
I bet that it is soo beautiful in the summer when the flowers are blooming. There are lilac bushes all along the edge of the yard. It is between seasons right now, so things are still a little brown around the edges. But, it's beginning to start sprouting and won't be long...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oolie's House

So, I drove to Oolie's House yesterday (only 4 1/2 hours)
It was crazy-windy, but I made it intact.
We went to dinner at a little French Crepe place - yum.

Today, I snooped around while Julie slept in a bit.
Had to take a ton of photos (to be posted soon)
This fabulous "Arkell" is my absolute favorite thing in the house.
"Little Green Car with Bird on Top"

That is not the title, but it serves the purpose.

This home is filled with treasures.
I promise to post my photos one at a time..tee hee.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


As tradition would have it, my friends break cascarones on 
one anothers' heads on Easter!

Cascarones are confetti-filled eggs that you crack over
someone's head after sneaking up behind them...
The result is hilarious and it is sooo fun to watch
as someone is "sneaking" around..
Mother and daughter, here, had quite the battle going!
Sasha really got her mom good!!!
LizAnn took it in stride and walked proudly with her 
decorated head and shoulders!
Don't you love the colors of spring?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope the Easter Bunny left lots of goodies in your basket.

All the best to you on this Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Saturday

I broke the first egg this morning and TWO yolks appeared!
It must be a sign.... that things are going to be great!

Grayson had his friend Bryce to spend the night last night.
This morning I woke them up with smoothies.
Start with a banana and some frozen fruit.
My favorites are mango (yum) and strawberries.
Raspberries are Grayson's fave. I add them, too, sometimes.

Add some plain yoghurt and some juice - your choice.
I find that cranberry or pomegranate work nicely.

Soooo yummy and fast.
We often have them for breakfast.
They are refreshing and an easy, healthy snack for
 growing teenage boys!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Teahouse Painting

Today I spent a few hours at the Teahouse 
painting a "closed up" doorway.
I thought that the stickers used were "less than attractive" I asked if I could paint something in their place.

Below are the results.......

These are the stickers that didn't work....

I penciled the sketch of branches with birds 
and mixed up a neutral color to paint with.
I also did an outline of a frame, which I was not fond of later.

You can see why I did NOT like the frame (!)

I really should have left it simple and "open"..
It is so heavy and out of character with the overall 
light and airy feeling of the branches., I covered it up and am so pleased with the result!
It is unfinished,  but I felt the need to leave it "as is"
for a while.
I get a much better perspective when I can "walk away" from
a project for a day, or two.
When I come back to it, I can appreciate it much more 
and I usually give myself a bit more credit for a 
"Job Well Done"