Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Treats at Oolie's

One morning, Julie brought out her treasures from Janet Bolton ..........wow........

The delicate child pictured above ("The First Curtain Call") is absolutely breathtaking.
I think I could spend all day long just looking at it. 
The innocence and magic that it represents is beyond description with words.

...And this little guy is a real charmer! Equally as sweet, and full of "impish-ness"        ("The Garden Visitor")

We both laughed when Julie realized that the stuffing she was using in her balls looked just like steam coming out of a hot cup of tea in her tiny, blue teacup.....

When Julie brought out these tiny chocolate mushrooms, I was speechless! She got them at Borders, so we went back to see if they had any more of them. I was lucky to get the last box in stock. They are precious (!) and pretty yummy, too.

And, last but certainly not least, the DOLLHOUSE. She walked into Anthropologie one day and there in front of her stood this incredible dollhouse from Portugal. She took it right home!
I think that the carvings of the children on the top are fantastic, and the bricks all over. What a wonderful piece of handcrafting.......


  1. OK, those Janet Bolton pieces are absolutely amazing!!!! Margret Darrah who you met at Esther's is headed to Oregon in September to attend a workshop with Janet. I'm completely green with envy.

  2. Jone-
    It is so much fun seeing my treasures posted on your blog....who would have ever thought?!!!!! You are very sweet to do it! LOVE- Oolie
    P.S.- The steam coming out of the cup is too funny!!!!!