Monday, April 12, 2010

Dancing Ladies

I really do love these little figures that I have been working on....
They are just 2 1/2" to 3" tall and, if I do say so myself - delightful!

These photos are the front and back of the "twirling girl" - can't you just see her skirt billowing as she twirls around? Not sure what she will be holding in her arms, but I know it will present itself soon......

The bases for the papier mache are these simple sculptures wound from 22 gauge wire.

Honestly, I think that they show so much movement with so little. It is pretty exciting to see how the personalities of each figure comes out of a bit of wire and paper.


  1. They are amazing! Makes me want to sculpt something right now!! :-)

  2. So cute!! Do you know I bought wire last night because I want to make some miniature bird cages. I love the paper mache. So glad I stopped by as I saw this on
    xo, Candylei