Monday, April 19, 2010

Something Special

Yesterday, Grayson said, "Mom, I need to show you something.."
So, I followed him to the fort, which used to be surrounded by trees before the drought over the past few years.
It now stands alone in the west yard, looking a bit sad, since the kiddo is too old to play in it now. Anyway, he led me up the stairs and pointed to the corner and said, "Look."
...So, I

A tiny nest with three tiny little pale blue eggs snuggled close together. What a special treat!

Today, just moments ago, I went up to check on them. As I climbed the stairs, the mom flew a bit frantically away. I did not mean to scare her, but I guess I am pretty big and scary to her.
As I peeked in, I was thrilled to see that today there are FOUR eggs nestled together! What a delightful spring surprise. I am so glad that this little family has found such a perfect place to be - out of the way and protected (for the most part) I can hardly wait til they hatch....happy days!


  1. I love that! it's so cute Grayson discovered it, too. don't let Jack see you going up there!

  2. Jack DID follow me up there, but he ran right back down. He thought it was cool that Grayson and I were going up the stairs and he wanted to be "cool," too.

  3. Wow, so exciting.
    Hope nothing happens to the nest!
    Lots of Love
    (Soon there will be birthday pics posted at the PVB! )