Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOVE much..

I just found these photos that I took a very long time ago.
They are of watercolors from Lisbeth Zwerger and I have adored her work for many years.

She inspires me. Her colors and patterns...... the quality of her design, the subtlety and innocence.

Isn't this skirt magnificent? I would like to make one for myself.......or, a three dimensional one out of paper for a doll, maybe.... 

I wish I could paint like this. There is a naive quality that is so pure and lovely.... not one you can reproduce, really. It must come from the heart. She is an exquisite artist.


  1. I love her work, too, but I'm glad you don't paint like her because I like the way YOU paint! Don't change. No, no, no. Some of us happen to think your charm is irresistible & just right. Smile and stay as you are!

  2. actually you do paint pretty similarly to her, only with brighter colours!
    and I agree about the skirt.....I think you should make one!