Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oolie's House

So, I drove to Oolie's House yesterday (only 4 1/2 hours)
It was crazy-windy, but I made it intact.
We went to dinner at a little French Crepe place - yum.

Today, I snooped around while Julie slept in a bit.
Had to take a ton of photos (to be posted soon)
This fabulous "Arkell" is my absolute favorite thing in the house.
"Little Green Car with Bird on Top"

That is not the title, but it serves the purpose.

This home is filled with treasures.
I promise to post my photos one at a time..tee hee.


  1. What a great collection!
    I want to see moooore and I would LOVE to be there with you!
    Why am I here?
    I´m thinking of you and wishing you a lovely time together!
    Love love love

  2. remember your promise to yourself "don't spend a dime!" go to a garage sale and get something for fiddy cents to get it out of your system. I got an extension cord this morning. oh yeah, and $37 worth of fabric at Jo-Ann. and ordered some Kaffe Fassett online on etsy, and some Jane Sassaman. oh yeah... but, I tell myself:"art supplies!" I'm going to the tea house Tuesday morning at 9:30 to meet a friend. stop in, if you can multi-task it.