Sunday, April 25, 2010

El Paso, Texas

This weekend, we drove to El Paso to visit Cullen's parents and sister and her family.
It was pretty windy on the drive down, but Saturday and Sunday were beautiful! 
This morning, we were sitting out on the porch having brunch. It was so warm and the sun was filtering through the trees.......the adults were at the other table, closer to the house.

The teenage boys were sitting together at one table. They must've stayed up all night because they were pretty low energy! Still, they were there with the rest of us and that was nice.

My youngest nephew, Finn, posed up in the garden for me. It was nice to see everything so green. He is a pretty happy kiddo......

We had a big surprise. Up in the tree above the boys' table was a tiny nest with two tiny eggs in it. I feel so lucky to have witnessed this little miracle twice so far this spring.
Every time someone would walk by, the mama bird (a hummingbird!) would fly out of the nest.

I finally stood very still behind a tree and waited until the mama came back to the nest. It paid off.....and here is the photo of the tiny bird sitting on her tiny eggs.

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  1. what a beautiful nest indeed! these pretty songstresses are just flocking to you it seems.... :)