Thursday, April 1, 2010

Teahouse Painting

Today I spent a few hours at the Teahouse 
painting a "closed up" doorway.
I thought that the stickers used were "less than attractive" I asked if I could paint something in their place.

Below are the results.......

These are the stickers that didn't work....

I penciled the sketch of branches with birds 
and mixed up a neutral color to paint with.
I also did an outline of a frame, which I was not fond of later.

You can see why I did NOT like the frame (!)

I really should have left it simple and "open"..
It is so heavy and out of character with the overall 
light and airy feeling of the branches., I covered it up and am so pleased with the result!
It is unfinished,  but I felt the need to leave it "as is"
for a while.
I get a much better perspective when I can "walk away" from
a project for a day, or two.
When I come back to it, I can appreciate it much more 
and I usually give myself a bit more credit for a 
"Job Well Done"


  1. Well, I would love to sit in that little beautiful spot for a cup of tea.
    Beautiful as always
    Happy Easter

  2. I love this! I wish I could come for a visit and have tea with you there. Life's been busy, busy, busy, will call you soon. xo Kathy

  3. That's lovely, Jone! A definite gift to the atmosphere at the Teahouse!! Wish I could meet you there this afternoon!
    xo, Nora

  4. Jone,
    I can't wait to see this at the Teahouse. I don't remember this doorway. I'm going to go and check it out.

  5. Cor! that is a great painting! I bet they give you free cups of tea now?
    Looks lovely!

  6. this little spring tree is definitely an improvement! I'll make a point to go see it in person. with a fried for a latte. beautiful job!