Sunday, April 11, 2010


These are the little figures that I had set my sights on finishing at Oolie's House..
I am sooooo happy with them!
Each one has a personality of its own, and they make you smile...

I just love when I am able to actually create an image that is in my head and sometimes make it even more wonderful than I imagine it.......  super cool!

Doesn't happen all the time and I have learned to really appreciate those "magic moments"...


  1. These are amazing and so are you, I think they're actually dancing in the picture, truly magical!

  2. so cool, I can imagine these are lifesize sculptures...can you imagine how wonderful they would be?
    Great work as always, you are sooo productive!

  3. These are so joyful and refreshing. I love all the different mediums you are working with!