Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Insects - xo

On the first day of the workshop, Julie (Arkell) gave us each a little packet filled with bits of fabric, little charms and a small papier mache medallion.
That was it for me.
The little charm made from paper touched my spirit and the ideas began to flow.
Here, at the bottom of the packet, is the beautiful little medallion.......sigh....

Danielle, Sue, Kate and I pulled out the glue, wire and paper and made our own versions of medallions.
We all loved how they looked drying on this wire..... and then came the painting...

This bracelet was experimental with the flowers, but the delicate insect drives me wild!

I love bugs.
I have collected them for years.
I used to embroider them on my boyfriend's trousers....
I draw them all the time - almost on a daily basis.
These little charms are the perfect size for insects. They make me very, very happy.

This bee may be my favorite..... It is just the size of a fingernail, which adds to the charm.

I am looking forward to making more of these tiny gems.

To see more charms by Kate and Danielle, check


  1. The charms make me very very happy too!
    It was a joy to see them hanging on the wire and it was a joy to see you working with them!
    I think I have some nice pics when you are painting these tiny tiny things!

  2. Ah very sweet indeed. Love them hanging and the special Julie package.
    The bee is darling.

  3. xo they make me pretty happy, too.
    I have started to make some more of them, but need to figure out how to use them in my work.....suggestions?