Monday, July 19, 2010

walking stick?

Yesterday, I was opening a bag full of apples and almost jumped out of my skin when this tiny walking stick appeared on the bag!
It just took me by surprise for a second, but I was fascinated once I really looked at it.

I took it outside and set the bag near this pot.
The "stick" took its time, but eventually "walked" over to the pot and sat there for a while.
I ran in to get my camera and snapped these shots.... cool!


  1. is it related to the praying mantis? I saw a gorgeous glass plate at a garage sale with praying mantis on it but for $20 I told myself 'you don't NEED it" now I kinda wish I got it, cause you could hang it on the wall for art and not take up any space. oh well. I didn't NEED it... nice bug!

  2. Def could be recreated into an art form. Wire paper mache.. I can see you working with this guy.

  3. are right! endlessly fascinating...i spent a good 20 minutes watching a red ant traverse almost the entire span of my parents' front lawn this morning...that's like me walking to santa fe... ;)

  4. Isn't he wonderful. I had forgotten all about walking sticks. Thanks so much for reminding me!