Monday, July 12, 2010

Billie Spille

This is one of my new prized possessions - a tiny painting by an American artist living in the Dordogne area of France.....
We were lucky enough to meet her while there and she touched me so deeply.

I rearranged the mantle on Saturday to display some of my new inspiration. It feels fresh and light and Billie's piece IS the central focus...sigh...

Here she is in her living room with her tiny images enlarged by her wonderful husband, Dean, who is an extraordinary artist himself. What a beautiful life they lead - painting all day.

This box, covered with Billie's whimsical images, was upstairs sitting on a shelf. I smiled.

I fell in love with this one, painted on a page from an old book....

And this one took my breath away -

Her process is fascinating to me - colorful, giggling images scattered across the page.

And this one - how could you not smile to look at this delightful, magical heart filled with love?

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