Thursday, July 15, 2010


Pulled the bread out of the bag and there, in front of me, was this cat!
Isn't it cool?
I "painted" the tail on with mayonnaise and then, Jodi, my friend, added a blueberry for the eye.
Had to take a photo....
It became Grayson's tuna sandwich after the photo was taken - short life.......

This is the brooch I made for Jodi for her birthday - finally finished it!

She put it on immediately and told me she likes it...
Happy belated, dear Jodi....

In the evening, we went up to St John's to hear some jazz. You can see how threatening the sky was. I just thought a little drizzle might feel pretty good, but when it started, many people left the field.

We just tucked under a blanket and waited it out. The music continued, so we continued to listen.

On the way home, I stuck the camera out the window and snapped this shot of the sunset.
I count my blessings daily to be living in such a gorgeous place.


  1. I agree. we live in the most specialist place on earth. yay new mexico.

  2. what happy photos, and don't you all look beautiful under the blanket!

  3. cannot wait to be back to join you for such fun! :)

  4. That bread animal cracks me up.