Saturday, July 24, 2010

FIMO Air Light

Here are some little birds that I have been making as bases for my papier mache bird boxes.

They look pretty good on this blue plate....
Made from this cool stuff that I got in England - FIMO Air Light - it is soft clay that is so easy to work with. Danielle turned me onto it and I am very grateful.
I look forward to making lots of different kinds of things with this clay....experiments!
If you can find it, I recommend it - lots of fun!


  1. So many birds, all individuals!
    I know where to find FIMO, will try it!
    How are you doing?
    Working on many new projects?
    Miss you so much and all the positive energy that surrounds you!

  2. they're beautiful! especially arranged on that plate. very Swedish looking. like the package of Knackbrot.